The bungydome experience is exhilarating and highly motivational, making the bungydome the epicentre of the bubbleparc, a nucleus of movement and happiness around which the other attractions are situated. The 12m geodesic dome has four bungy trampoline jump stations that oscillate riders weightlessly up to seven meters while executing acrobatics.



To float inside your own bubble is a dream for many children. The bubblepod offers this experience by implementing a series of transparent spheres with hermetic zips that float in a pool of 40cm of water. The riders are put into the bubbles and launched onto the surface of the water where they engage in the acrobatics of maintaining their balance, running on the spot, and falling in the endeavour. All of the falls are cushioned by the water acting on the bubbles skin, and the inflated bubble prevents collision with other riders. The children have 60 minutes of oxygen in the sphere and the ride time is always measured by an operator. The bubblepod implements an assemblage of pneumatic hexagons that generate an environment that is as innovative as the activity that it contains.


Pneumatic barriers reconfigure the undulating surface of the bubbleparc into a unique racetrack on which reclinable trikes roam freely. The trikes have an integrated steering system that demands equilibrium and physical skill from the riders. They are unsuitable for use on the road because of their low height, but on a dedicated track they offer a novel safe and exciting experience. Their horizontal trajectories provide a counterpoint to the vertical oscillations of the bungydome, establishing a complex system of displacements in the bubbleparc.



For the smallest children there is a flotilla of boats with electric motors that sail upon a pneumatic pool. Sailing your own ship with all the freedom that the water offers is an enriching experience, and the boats turn and collide softly, forming endless encounters and bifurcations.

"Right next to the shopping centre, great place for kids to splash around."

- Trip Advisor Review

Birthday Parties

The bubbleparc can be rented out for birthday parties, and other events. We have a series of different packages that we can offer including access to the four attractions, and exclusive use of the party tent. 


Tickets & Times

21st June to 11th September 2018

Bubbleparc functions all year round with different schedules:

From 21st June to 11th September the parc is open every day from midday to 10pm

The rest of the year the parc is open every weekend, every bank holiday and every school holiday, from midday to 8pm.

Access to the park is free. Tickets for the attractions are all equivalent with one ticket allowing one person to do one attraction.

One ticket: 6 euros
Two tickets: 11 euros
Three tickets: 15 euros


Maremagnum, Barcelona

Maremagnum is the heart of the regenerated port of Barcelona, offering a contemporary mix of entertainment, leisure and shopping in a stunning maritime context, within easy walking distance from the old mediaeval city centre. In addition to the bubbleparc, Maremagnum is home to the Barcelona aquarium, a cinema complex and the Maremagnum shopping centre. 


There is a delightful pedestrian bridge called the rambla de mar, that extends the axis of the traditional rambla past the statue of colon and out into the port over a swing bridge. The bubbleparc is clearly visible from the swing bridge beside the shopping centre. 

There is a second pedestrian access that enters from the Barcelona side of the port and crosses the landscaped grass banks at the end of the via laietana.


The standard TMB buses 19 and 40 have Maremagnum as their final destination. The open top TMB tourist buses include a stop at Maremagnum on their itinerary.


The easiest access by car  is via the ronda litoral. The Maremagnum shopping centre offers easy parking and it is also makes a good base to explore the centre of the city by foot.


The drassanes station on L3 is 5 minutes walk over the rambla de mar from the bubbleparc. The Barceloneta station on L1 is 10 minutes walk away.