Developed by British architect, Pol Taylor

The bubbleparc has been developed as a micro entertainment park by pol taylor, a British architect specialised in the design of deployable structures and eventual actions. His chilean company ARQZE LTD (extreme zone architecture) has developed and installed a series of polar stations in Antarctica for the chilean airforce. associated with the emergence of the electronic music scene in Chile he has directed and produced a series of large scale festivals on the pacific coast including the first South American edition of MUTEK in Valparaiso in 2004.


Established in Edinburgh and Barcelona since 2004

The bungydome was his first product in the field of entertainment, and he has administered two of them between Edinburgh and Barcelona since 2004. Subsequently the bubblepod was inaugurated in Barcelona in the summer of 2011. The bubbleparc is conceived as a consolidation of the field opened by the bungydome which amplifies its visibility and transforms itself into a destination. it is currently being formulated as a franchise opportunity.